A System For Rating Songs!

There’ve been a number of attempts over the years to come up with some Song A Day Rating System. They’ve all kind of collapsed under their own weight. But now, given the state of the DAO, and especially the fact that @castall manage to WATCH EVERY SONG and put them into buckets, the idea has been brought back to my brain.

I actually think that this could one day be a good use for an ERC-20 token, in order to enact some kind of Token Curated Registry system, where you have to stake your token in order to say a song is great, good, fine, or bad. I don’t know exactly how the mechanics would work, BUT the main benefit of an app like this, I think, would be to signal to collectors which songs have legs.

If enough people participated, it would also have the added benefit that I’d be able to see which songs are rated as “great” by the most people, which could lead to me focusing on those songs for further development.

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