Auction Notifications

This is a #sadworld feature suggestion.

Right now @jonathanmann’s Twitter account is the only way to get notifications about the progress of the auction. You need to be following him and remember to pay attention to any particular day in order to go bid.

I suggest we add different ways to subscribe to auction notifications.

The first would be email. Subscribe to eG start of auction every day, notification X hours before end.

Also, subscribe to a particular day, either ahead of time, or day of. So you could get a notification of every bid for example.

Web push notifications would be another obvious one: the website would give you push notifications on desktop. This is how this Discourse forum works if you opt in.

An RSS feed would be a simple feature to add to the website, and could then be used with Zapier or other tools to cross post to Discord, Twitter, and many other tools.

Finally — all Twitter stuff is now done by just @jonathanmann’s Account. We should have a SAD account that can be shared and managed and grow an audience over time.

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To riff off a SongADAO twitter account … what if we had an SongADAO auction account … similar to NounsDAO? It announces the beginning of the auction everyday.

@Misterplus built one that does the bids! We need to do the final step — document the auction bot and get everyone to follow it!