Bigger pictures - discussing decentralized ownership of creativity

This is a loosey-goosey brain worm of an idea, not a solid “suggestion” at this point - but I’d like to open it up for discussion.

I was continuing the thought process that starts with wondering why one of Jonathan’s songs is the prize for doing a month of work for the Thing-a-Day program, and wondering what the “end goal” is for creators involved in this process. It could be a way - or ways - to move creators towards models of collective ownership that allow groups of creators - either en masse or in concentrated groups - to share risk, reward and responsibility while still maintaining creative independence and freedom.

The end goal could be any creator being able to find stability in collective, decentralized ownership. This may not even necessarily involve minting their own work as NFTs, although that’s an obvious source of funding and for many that will be the (or at least a) route. In this vision, doing Thing-a-Day is an entryway into the greater organization of creator DAOs, where they can find a fit and gain support in reaching a sustainable point with their work within a community.


I love this so much. Explicitly in my mind, thought it’s a lofty goal, is the hope that SongADAO could directly help bootstrap other creator-led DAOs. My model is so specific (since I was able to do this big drop in the beginning, and then of course do one a day), but I think there is definitely room to expand this idea.

I love the idea, too, that the creator cohorts could somehow lead into this.

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