Contests to help get the word out

Similar to @Real’s idea, I am thinking we should do a series of contests:

Remix contest (high amount of effort)
Meme contest (either meme-ing the illustrations, the videos or both? lower effort)
Something else?

What should the prizes be? What should the criteria be? Who judges? Where do people send submissions?

Some of my ideas:

Prize Options (one or multiple):

  • ETH (from the DAO treasury)
  • POAP
  • Unique SAD NFT (Best option, though this might break the daily auction cycle)


  • Anything non-abusive goes


  • SAD Listeners
  • SAD Voters (Reducing the chance of votes manipulation, if the prize involves large sum of money)


  • Post with Twitter Hashtags for viewing
  • Submit in Google Forms for collecting and voting

Yeah I love all this. I’d love to do a meme contest ASAP I think. I have no idea what that would look like. We do have all this art, so I was thinking of making all the layers available. Maybe the prize could be a combo of all three those things: ETH and song for the winner (maybe one from the tresuary), POAPs for all participants.