Create a SongADay seed group for BrightID

“Seed groups” in BrightID allow people to get the “meet” and “seed” verifications by connecting to members of their own community rather than a host in a “connection party” call.

The steps are as follows:

From the BrightID mobile app

  1. Create a group. (This guide uses an outdated UI. Creating a group is now done from the left hamburger menu)
  2. Select the admins for the group. These have the power to add / remove other group members and admins
  3. Select the other group members. These are community leaders. Connecting to one of them in BrightID will grant the “meet” status. Members of community don’t need to join the seed group; they just connect to members of the seed group with a regular BrightID connection.

Register the Seed Group

  1. Fill out BrightID Seed Group Nomination Form
  2. Notify a member of the Seed DAO (such as me) who will create the vote for the new seed group.

I’m happy to help with any of the above steps, but I probably shouldn’t be in the seed group myself.


This is soooo cool! Should I create this group?

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Yeah go for it. Let us know once it exists. We can get the group code from once it’s created. If you want me to get the code, I know how to do it, just let me know when the group is ready.

I’ve created it! It’s just called SongADAO