Feb '22 Thing-a-Day Tracking Sheet - All this month's creations in one place!

Since our BETA cohort for the Thing-a-Day program has reached 4 creators (including Jonathan, for testing purposes), I’m happy to show you all the central tracking spreadsheet for our first Thing-a-Day cohort for February of 2022!

Although they’ll be making their own posts all over social media, on the SAD forums and Discord as they choose, you can always find the whole month of creative stuff from them in this one document which is publicly available but edited daily by them. If you fall behind on all the cool stuff they’re creating, this is a great way to catch up - or just check in to see the impressive sight of all this cool stuff being made in one place!

Since this is the BETA version of this process, we’ll certainly be tweaking things as we go. We’ll also be looking to recruit the first “real” cohort into the program sometime around halfway through February, so keep an eye out for that!