Form for TAD creators to report their Daily Things

One of the suggestions that came out of today’s discussion was having a central form for TAD creators to fill out each day with info about their creation for that day. Ideally whatever system we build to handle this info would allow each creator to have their own link, so the system would know who is filling it out and the info would be categorized correctly. The form would include fields such as:
-name of the day’s work
-link to the day’s work
-secondary (or even tertiary) links to other places the work is posted
-notes from the creator

From the results of this form, we could auto-populate a number of things, including but not limited to:
-the Discord #thing-posts channel
-a relevant post in the forum
-a TAD twitter bot
-a central place where ALL the month’s work is represented together (currently represented by the google spreadsheet - could continue to just be a spreadsheet but it could be something cooler)

Since the form has a place for the creator to add notes, the posts wouldn’t just be dry representations of the work, but would have the author’s voice represented.

It was also suggested that there could be a spot on the form to add a link to the author’s own tweet about it, and if that part of the form were filled out with a valid URL, the bot would retweet that instead.

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i love this. i’d like to jump into the TADs with my own things and this would make it a lil more structured (and to me) easier navigate.

Airtable could be used to put such a form together. It’s like a programmable spreadsheet.

Have to look to see if we can do Airtable > Discourse forum with Zapier.

Doing this as a custom app is the other route, but I think that only makes sense if it then also leads to eg NFT auctions as part of it.

Let’s see if we can find someone who knows Airtable and could put this together.

(There might be other tools but it’s the one that comes to mind)

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Oh! I know Airtable pretty well, I haven’t though about it for over a year but I used it a ton at my last job along with Zapier. I’d love a second person helping me build this but I can get started on it. Thanks for the reminder!

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If you can setup a Songadao “organization” that would be great, and then invite me and others in.

That “asking for a second” is a great pattern too.