Fund the songs, hire support

So far my big idea for the DAO is to begin using treasury funds to purchase some notable cameos for upcoming songs. This space is very difficult to be seen, heard and related to and celebrities can help in that regard.

My second idea would be to use the funds to hire a production manager to handle Jonathans workload. Am I the only person that thinks raising children, publishing a song a day, starting a DAO and running his own marketing a bit too much for one mann? I get exhausted thinking about this guys days. Lets hire him a professional manager.

When the song being auctioned is basically “I’m spread too thin” we should take notice and provide a little relief. That’s no banger.

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Haha I love this idea! I think we may have some people in the DAO itself that could take on some of these tasks, for sure.

I like the cameo idea! Basically this could be a partnership manager / biz dev that looks for different artists, musicians, notable figures to collaborate with. And more generally — a process for suggesting people, sign up, scheduling and so on. Thanks for writing this up as a first step!

Can you think about how the Collabs would work? How would we vet people? Do we split the auction of the song? Are there other types of deals to be discussed or negotiated?

Yes the DAO / co-op will need a number of paid roles. eG Operations / Accounting as one example.

And yes, Jonathan is the DAO’s main revenue stream right now! So if we estimate $500K annual song sales (very rough), we should budget what is needed.

A dedicated marketing / content publishing / social media community person could be needed, and likely a SongADAO Twitter account and other channels covered.

If you have any other ideas of roles and tasks — let’s brainstorm and budget!