iOS music app suite

I was exploring some possibilities for selling my suite of music-oriented iOS apps and @boris suggested to mention it here. Would this be of interest to the DAO? The six apps include:

  • AudioScrub (2 flavours): transcription aide (slow down, change key, loop)
  • Quick Record: voice memos with iCloud sync, records on open if desired
  • sonogrid: polyrhythmic drum machine
  • Ticker: simple metronome
  • Carrot Price: grocery calculator with beatboxing noises on each button push

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Awesome, thanks for writing this up @rosano!

Ohhhhh this is so interesting! Wow, this is something I hadn’t really considered. It’s def worth thinking about. I love thesonogrid one!

It’s definitely the most creative / weird one. Well I could consider parting with just that as it might be a better fit for this context than the whole bundle, especially with the visual feel…


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I think this is what would be required:

  • Make a SongADAO LCA apple developer account
  • Get the apps transferred
  • Potentially set a price

That’s the basics. I think @rosano said that he was making money when they had prices set?

This is not that much work, mainly filling out some forms.

The next piece is having at least one person with iOS development skills maintaining over time. So you’d have to budget this in just for annual maintenance.

I think having SAD have its own apps with revenue over time would be incredible. I’m thinking things like Jamuary next year where people can do everything through an app.


  • open source the code so SAD community can work on it
  • add SAD content to about page / light branding in app

Future / Features / Ideas:

  • maintenance over time to work with new iOS updates
  • publish audio to IPFS (eg NFT Storage)
  • publish as NFT, list in customized SADworld auction site
  • advanced features for SAD NFT holders
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Sorry for the delay, heads down launching my upcoming podcast…

This would be the idea, that someone can just set a price and they will have sales immediately because the apps have been around for years. Average revenue over the last few years was 3-4K annually (mostly from AudioScrub), which I think is great considering I haven’t had space to update any of them since like 2018, but I imagine it would have more potential after actually implementing the features people ask for and improving it. I was also not the best at marketing, so there’s probably some more opportunities there if you’re creative.

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