Jamuary - Create and share a song every day in the month of January


In the spirit of cool projects like #inktober, NaNoRiMo, FAWM, and Fun A Day, #Jamuary is an invitation to create and share a song every day in the month of January. I’m your host, @songadaymann.

RULES + Guidelines

  1. Write a song of any length.
  2. Share it.
  3. If you share online, use the hashtag #Jamuary.
  4. Do this every day.
  5. HAVE FUN!

Please make the daily song process as easy as possible for yourself!

For instance, for some people, writing at the same time every day makes it easier. I’m the opposite, though: If I put this extra rule on myself, it would make my life much harder. So this is the 6th rule of #Jamuary:

  1. Try to only do things that make it easier to create your daily song.


The DAO owns jamuary.eth and it points at the songadao.eth treasury address. There’s a link back to this page as the URL, see https://eth.xyz/jamuary.eth

Jamuary 2022

We’re part way through Jamuary 2022. Should we do something this year still?

Jamuary 2023

One of the things I was thinking of, we could offer Jamuary subdomains to new artists, that’s probably for next year.

Oh damn, i love the subdomains idea!! Wow!