Letting people know about the 31 day challenge

The bylaws lay out the idea that people are able to get a song simply by completing 31days of making something.

We should formalize this: What exactly are the criteria? Who confirms the 31 days of making? Etc

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I love this. For #jamuary this year we might still get people in.

And we can run this every month, and basically make a cohort of creators all trying to make it through the month.

I think we get people to sign up ahead of their month — eg here in the forum in a new “monthly creators” category — say they are going to do it.

Then at the end have a co-op member sign up post that has a list of a public link to each of their creations. This final post is reviewed and unless it is challenged, that person gets a membership.

Creators must post a link to their creation — a public link anywhere on the web for each day — blog, Twitter, Insta, YouTube, etc.

Has to be tagged with songadaocreator or something like that.

Kind of funny, but we could prep for February — the shortest month! That is, rather than 31 days, it’s “one month”.

Monthly POAP can be dropped in the same way, and maybe a 1/1 of that same POAP art is auctioned?

I think we should actively recruit a “creator ambassador” to run with this. Maybe sign up for each month the rest of the year?

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100% I love this so much!!!

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Quick question: What’s the token for the membership once they completed the challenge? Previously memberships require holding at least 1 SAD NFT and getting verified on BrightID, then mint the membership pfp, so we could either:
(1) create a song just for the challenger (might get messy when there’re more than 1 challenger)
(2) allow them to directly mint a membership pfp without previous requirements.

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Ah! So we have it set up in the contract that every month there are 3 songs that get sent to our treasury. it happens completely randomly, and i have no knowledge of when it’ll happen. those are meant to go to poeple that complete the challenge.

I was also thinking that if a lot of people did it, this might be a good reason to sweep the floor. sweep the floor, then randomly distribute songs to everyone who completed. it’s very incentive-aligning.

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I’d like to get this one up and running as soon as possible. This is the kind of thing I’d love for the DAO to be doing.

We need to find someone ASAP who’d want to be the creator ambassador role. There may be someone in the DAO we could tap. THere was someone who had reached out and offered to help. i think we should absolutely try for February.

i think we need a good catchy name for this, and that should be the tag.

Would be so cool if we had a centralized place where everyone was sharing their public links, but that might come later. For the time being, what I kind of want to do is just create a spreadsheet and invite anyone who signs up to be an editor. Then we have a sheet for each person, and they enter all of the relevant info for each day (this kind of data hygiene is a pain but i speak from experience in saying that it’s the best thing in the long run!)

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Matt Condon’s suggestions:
DAO It Yourself


We have a centralized place: this forum! Each person can have their own page, with an intro at the top, and they come back and edit it each day. It would be a dedicated category.

The only info required is each link on a single line — easily exportable to other spaces.

Over time, we might make this a feature of SADworld or a separate dapp.

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OK this needs to be a FAQ.

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oh this sounds cool! thanks for discussing this! my mind is blown just about every day from things i’m learning through SAD.