Limits on TAD Participation - Rules for Removal from Cohorts

This is beginning to come up so I’d like to discuss a set of rules - or maybe expectations? - for TAD cohort members. I know that Jonathan is against rules, but I’m finding that we just need a set of clear expectations to use when communicating with creators involved in the project. My main questions, with my proposed answers:

Q: How late can people join?
My answer: I can take people until the end of the first day, in time to complete the first day’s thing - after that, they need to wait for next month

Q: What happens if they miss a day?
My answer: missing a day is reasonable, and it’s fine if they make it up on the next day with two things. Missing two days is difficult to track and goes outside the scope of the Thing-a-Day project - IMO they’re ineligible for the NFT that month and can try again next month

Q: What happens if they make things ahead of time?
My answer: That’s fine!

Q: How many times in a row can you sign up and not complete the project?
My answer: I’m not sure but there has to be a limit. It makes a lot of work to keep adding people who don’t participate, trying to reach out to them to offer support, and then ultimately have to delete them only to start it over again. Maybe 2 times in a row, and then after 3 or 4 times they just can’t sign up anymore - maybe for the year? Even that is a lot to keep track of.

Q: Do the things need to be the same kind of thing each day?
My answer/Jonathan’s answer: This is a new one that came up with two people who joined the recent cohort late. Jonathan feels that there shouldn’t be rules, and I can also agree that the sharing of the thing is sortof a thing in and of itself., and that can be fine - but I also told them that I personally found the consistency of doing the same kind of thing to be a lot of the value of doing this kind of project. I think there’s a question here about the soul of what TAD is and what we’re trying to achieve.

Here’s some data on the first few cohorts that might be useful:

February cohort: 4 members (including Jonathan). Everybody completed the project and was awarded an NFT.

March cohort: 6 signups. One member dropped out after 1 day, another dropped out after 9 days. The rest completed the project and I believe all 4 have been awarded their NFTs.
The 9 day person said they wanted to try again in April but didn’t sign up.

April cohort has 9 signups:
One of them never joined the discord or made contact and I removed them after a few days.
One was the person who dropped out after 1 day, he again has participated for one day and I haven’t heard from them since, pending removal.
One person has so far done a single day. I’m waiting to hear back from them if they’ve been making things or want to try to catch up or what.
Two people joined late - they had been creating different things each day so they were able to catch up. and so far are keeping up since then.
Everyone else is up to date!