Map of SAD related platforms and services

SAD is already pretty complicated, with multiple places for engagement, work, communication, and awesome interfaces for getting confirmed and signed up. Partly to help people find things and also to encourage a healthy process for getting work done (i.e. using this forum more so we have better records on real project progress), I think we could use a map of how to interact with SAD. It could just be a PDF with clickable links that represents the roadmap for entering the DAO and getting verified as a voting member, and all the different places you can go to discuss projects and get involved, with a description of what each one is for and the benefits of being involved.

I can create this, but I need help making sure I get all the different services represented correctly. Off the top of my head we’ve got:

  • - front-facing, sales and onboarding oriented page
  • Song a Day - IDChain Registration - the Voter Verification checklist
  • Discourse - this forum, intended for lasting discussion and project management
  • Discord - for community engagement, off-the-cuff discussions, anything needing an immediate response, and idle chatter
  • NFTX


Development & Hosting

  • GitHub
  • Vercel
  • Cloudflare
  • Digital Ocean
  • NFT storage
  • Piñata (J mentioned this but I don’t know if still used)


  • Gnosis SAFE
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Thanks for kicking this off @kineticturtle! I moved this to the Wiki section and added sections to it.

Probably it should get split into public / social and then organizational / project tools.

Should we take this content and put it in a FAQ entry?