Notes from TAD Cohort Meeting, 2/15/2022

Extremely loose notes from our first video meeting of the beta cohort

Mark suggests making sure people understand the time commitment in advance - this probably involves discussion based on their intended project
-set expectations
-phone-it-in-mode - not all project types allow you to have days where you just BS your way through
-having clear goals - goals about building a following - finding the RIGHT people rather than just a quantity of people, personal goals about self-development
-balancing your time between social connection building/discussion and doing actual work
-get people connected before the project starts

–add additional social channels and get everyone to follow each other - twitter, instagram, youtube, discord, tiktok, facebook, encourage (or even require) the cohort to follow each other wherever possible
-ask how many places they intend to post their work and give them that many columns on the spreadsheet
-create a form to fill out each day that auto-fills the info to the proper places - can include a blurb, etc etc
-that form can feed an automated twitter account, posts to discord, etc - automated stuff. possibly an option to enter a link to a tweet and have the twitter account retweet that instead of making it’s own post


Woot! Good chat. I like the idea of an autofilling form.

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