Official update #1

Hello hello @everyone!

We had our first official DAO/co-op board meeting, and here’s what we spoke about.

The two biggest items are:

  1. Getting voting up and running.
  2. Potentially hiring one full time (or two part time) people to run the day to day operations of the DAO.


In terms of voting, our rockstar moderator @Misterplus has been working overtime figuring out how to incorporate BrightID into Snapshot. Many, many DAOs are working on this. The reason we use BrightID is that it’s the simplest way to ensure 1 person, 1 vote.

As soon as this is up and running, we have a number of cool proposals to look at, which you can find over here:


Also, we are looking for someone to help run this ship! I am so busy writing the songs and keeping up with the daily auctions that I need a lot of help. @boris has been doing an amazing job getting us all organized, but he’s the CEO of his own damn startup! If you know of anyone that might fit the bill, the two many skills would be: Operations (getting the DAO running smoothly) and Community (running the Discord, getting our engagement up, etc). This could be two separate people for sure.


In case you haven’t looked recently, we have 30 eth, nearly $100k in the treasury. This does not include the money from off-chain royalties that’s sitting in a “real” bank account.


I am working with Raid Guild once again to build out the site that lets you mint your PFP (for just gas). Anyone who’s been verified with BrightID will be eligible. I don’t have a timeline on this, but it is in the works!

That’s it! Love to see all of you hanging out everyday. GM and GN and WAGMI