POAP art as a method to contribute to the DAO

Markbuildsit is generating POAPs for the last weekly meeting, as well as the Feb TAD cohort, and I created art for both, as well as three more weeks worth of weekly meeting art, in advance.

Creating, say, a month’s worth of POAP art for weekly meetings could be a great way for people to contribute to the org; should result in unique, cool sets of images, possibly timely ones as well, plus they (theoretically) get something out of it. I know that last part is still in the works but there it is.

I submitted the POAP request today. I should be able to keep up with collecting the addresses. And I may be able to streamline the process. But it will require keeping ahead of the art and submissions.

So, if we want to do this every week, we should start working on recruiting next month’s artist right now.

Maybe a boiler plate black and white image as a starting point and invite the artist change, add, delete, color as they like?

Thanks for being willing to keep doing this! I think it’s cool and definitely worthwhile.

In my brain, we would give the artist freedom to do whatever they want, but encourage them to make it relevant to the DAO somehow, and to keep their workload light. The images I created didn’t take long, because the technique I was using came back to me pretty quickly and I could focus on experimentation. They don’t have to be perfect - just reflective of the moment!

I think it would make things easier and more sustainable to invite the DEGEN bot into the server to help distribute the POAPs on a weekly basis. It’s being created by BanklessDAO. I haven’t checked up on them in a while, but I’ve seen it work very well in other servers.

Ohhhh! This sounds rad. Is there someone from over there we can interface with?