Repay Jonathan For Minting and Accountant Fees!


I have spent 9.19 eth on gas fees since Jan 1 in minting Song A Day everyday. I would like to recoup this cost from the DAO! Also, my wife and I paid a co-op accountant $10,000 to retain his services.

You can see the gas fees on this spreadsheet. The gas fees are column K. If you total the fees for “exec transaction” (which is minting, auction approval and auction beginning) as well as “end auction”, you get the total of 9.19.

Here is the receipt from paying the accountant.


I was going to maybe wait until the end of the year to recoup this, but with the down turn, honestly, we need the money.


For the 9.19 in gas fees, I’m requesting to be paid in eth. For the $10k for the accountant, I am suggesting we take $5k from our fiat bank account (which as about $7k currently) as well as another $5k in eth.

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I’ll take this opportunity to also ask if there’s anyone who’d be willing to help organize our work with the accountant. My wife and I could use some help!


This is obviously a bit late since the snapshot is open, but, is there any mention/plan on future costs for minting/accountancy? i.e., is this going to be recurring cost and should be budgeted appropriately from the DAO.

How much was made from the initial mint/sale of the SADs and has there been any treasury management plan put in place to cover required costs for X years?

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No! We are just getting set up with the accountant. Would you want to help with this? :eyes::eyes::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Aha unfortunately not my skillset, but the NFTX DAO did this back in Feb/March time and it might be a useful reference point for someone to get started?

Probably want to ensure that the DAO has ~2 year of runway costs (NFT minting, salaries etc).

Second this. We should set up a fund for minting and operating costs

Hey Jonathan,
I really wish I could have helped somehow but unfortunately not my skillset. Just posting this reply to let you know that I really appreciate all that you are doing :slight_smile: Excited to see what happens on #5000