Shall We Hire Matt To Clean Up The Traits/

Proposal to personally review and edit all of the traits in the Song-a-DAO NFTs for error correction and clarity, as well as adding new traits that we think will be useful for Song-a-Dex among other things. The intent is to assure that people buying Song-a-Day NFTs for their potential rarity are not accidentally misled.


  • Fix errors (typos, improperly comma separated values, missing instruments and details, incorrectly applied information, and more)
  • Clarify musical information like keys and tempos, as well as create graduated tempo ranges that can be used with Song-a-Dex more effectively than specific tempos
  • Add detailed information on things like Jonathan’s clothing that Jonathan and the DAO feel would add value to the NFT collection

Jonathan and I have discussed doing this work in phases. For now I propose completing the following two phases, and then assessing the possible costs going forward based on the actual time and cost:

Phase 1

Review the list of all traits for errors and repair them - mostly typos and improperly comma separated trait names. Combine redundant traits. I may want to bring some things to a DAO meeting for discussion before taking action on them (for example: Improv/Improvised/Improvisation)

I liberally estimate this will take 4 hours.

Phase 2

Review all songs in order, completing the following tasks for each:

  • Check musical traits for accuracy and fix if necessary (tempo, key, instruments)
  • Add tempo range trait and time signature/feel trait
  • Check descriptive traits for accuracy and fix if necessary
  • Add new descriptive traits (clothing)

Based on Jonathan’s estimate of 1 hour spent originally entering the data for each month of Song-a-Day, I think the time commitment will be similar, although it may vary wildly from month to month. I propose to complete Phase 2 for a year of Song-a-Day and then assess additional years based on the actual time required.

4hrs for Phase 1

12hrs for Phase 2 year 1

16hrs at $50/hr - $800

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