Shall We Hire Matt to Create Short Vertical Videos to Advertise Song 5k?

Proposal to create and publish TikToks based on Jonathan’s 5000th song leading up to and after the release of the song

Matt would work on advertising Jonathan’s 5000th song and the Song-a-Day project by creating short “teaser” clips of Hustle & Grind to post primarily on TikTok, but also on Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook. This proposal is for the first 10 such videos, to be created on a daily basis leading up to the release of the video. These would be based on the actual video, but reframed for vertical video, and intended to tease only small snippets of the song.

“Day” 1

Prep work - reviewing footage and planning This will probably happen on the same day that I create the first video but constitutes an effective “extra day” of work.

Leading Up To 5k Song Release
Creating daily posts - up until release day I will create and post a daily video to tiktok and any other platform where we believe it belongs These videos will only use content that actually appears in the video itself.

After the 5k Song Release
Creating periodic posts - any days left after song release, we’ll spread out a bit and continue to make new content based on the 5k video. For these videos I may start to include unused footage.

Once those days are expended, we can reassess and renew this proposal for new work going forward - either about song 5k or not.

$100/day x 11 days - $1100