Shall We Hire The PFP Artist To Create More PFP Traits?


It’s me, Jonathan Mann


Before the Big S.A.D Drop and the launch of SongADAO, I had hired Dave Homer to create a bunch of illustrated layers for a PFP. I limited him to the traits from years 1 and 2 of Song A Day, because having him do more would have cost more than I was willing to spend. I paid him 4eth and he created 117 layers that you can see here.

Now that we have a test site that is live (go here and play with it, it’s super fun!), the question becomes: Do we want him to create layers based on the traits for years 3-13?

As a reminder: The PFP will be available ONLY to Voters. Once the site is fully ready to go, Voters will be able to build and mint their own PFP, which will be a non-transferable, soulbound NFT that literally represents your membership in the SongADAO co-op.


The motivation behind including traits from years 3-13 in the PFP minting experience is simple: It’s just about having more options. Also, there’s some traits that are very fun and relevant to our culture, i.e. NFTs, ethereum, etc.


There are total of 140 more traits to be created. Dave has quoted us 5 eth to create all of them, and he says it can be done in a month from when he gets payment.

Team & Resources

The work will be done by Dave, but our own @Misterplus and @aLANparty are working on building the site.

Yes vote would cost:

5 eth + gas

No vote means

We stick with just the 117 traits from years 1 and 2 for the PFPs.

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