Shall We Move Most Voting To An "Emoji Consensus" Mechanism?


Per discussions in our weekly meeting, I am proposing that we move most treasury votes off chain and do an “emoji consensus” mechanism. Many DAOs do this, including all Tribute Labs DAOs (Flamingo, Noize, etc).


In our weekly meetings, a lot of really great ideas get discussed, and there’s a real barrier to making them all happen: Each time we want to fund something, we have to do an on chain vote with at least 30 votes. This means that for the two days the vote is live, I have to run around like a mad man, trying to make sure we reach quorum. We want to make this easier.


We are proposing a similar system to what all Tribute Labs DAOs use. It involves posting a poll on a special Voter-only channel. Different levels of funding require different numbers of votes. This is the vote schedule we discussed in our latest weekly call:

PriceVotes Needed
0-1Ξ … 5
1-2Ξ … 10
2-3Ξ … 15
3-4Ξ … 20
4-5Ξ … 25
.> 5 … Moves to on-chain

Team & Resources

No real resources needed!

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