Song-a-Day Collector Rewards System

Summary & Motivation

The idea is to incentivize collecting Song A Day NFTs! To help raise the floor price by creating a gamified system of collecting.


@aLANparty will Create a “pokedex” style collection page for Song a Day. See the example (created by @jonathanmann) here.

Collection Grid Interface

  • Create a page that displays various traits grouped into tiers.
  • When a user connects their wallet to the site the various traits will be populated with NFTs in their collection that have those traits.
  • If songs have multiple traits that appear in the grid, the song will appear in each trait’s square.
  • If multiple songs fit the same tier that tier’s box will show all songs (similar to the way iOS shows folders)
  • When hovering over a square (or tapping on mobile), There will be a small window that appears showing larger versions of the NFTs.
  • If the NFTs in the hover popup are click they will launch a modal window with the youtube video of the NFT.
  • Their will be one special tier that is tied to multiple super rare traits instead of a single trait. Any NFT that fits at least one of the related super rare traits will appear here.

Collection Leaderboard

There will be a leaderboard that shows a list of top collectors with the most song-a-day NFTs in their collection.

Collection Reward Tiers

Each group tier will have a reward that is given to the user if they fill in all the blocks for the tier.
Specific rewards are still TBD.

Some rewards will require the collection of contact info. If a reward requires contact info the reward tier will present a “Claim Reward” button to the user. They can use this to submit their data. This will email their submission to a Song-A-Day team member who will handle fulfillment of the reward.

Some rewards will not require any user data collection, and these rewards will be partially automated. A script will be run that monitors blockchain events on the Song-A-Day contract, and sends emails to a Song-a-Day team member to alert them when a wallet qualifies for a reward.

Team & Resources

The site will be coded by @aLANparty and designed by his wife! They made the whole PFP minting site.

Design Time: 6 hours
Coding Time: 20 hours
Rate: $70 per hour

Funding amount and address

Alan is requesting $1820 - paid in eth.

A “yes” vote signifies the funds should be sent.

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