Song Dust - ranking songs and having fun

Summary & Motivation

Create “Song Dust”-- a platform for listeners to contribute to finding the best songs in fun categories.

We want listeners to have more fun things to do–especially those who can’t afford a whole NFT. Listeners can use small amounts of $SONG (aka Song dust) to vote on the existing corpus of songs in fun categories. If future voters agree with you, can earn more song dust, adding to game-like, fun aspect of it.

The voting process repeats in “seasons,” with a show (fun get-together) for each season where the best songs discovered during the season are enjoyed in a virtual party.

A great side-effect is everyone will have access to better ranking and categorization to help explore Song-a-Day.


The team will build the “Song Dust” curation app in four epochs. Each epoch has specific deliverables subject to review and feedback from DAO members.

Since Song Dust will progress in seasons, there will be the opportunity to make changes to the platform based on learning from past seasons. This leaves the door open for future proposals. This proposal covers the features needed for season one, and the start (voting cycle) of season two.

A more detailed view of the Season 1-1.5 proposal is here.

Epoch 1:

Epoch 2:

Epoch 3:

Epoch 4:


Song Dust code is open-source. Progress can be charted on the team’s github repo.

Team & Resources

@yazdaaniam : Project manager. He has 4 years of experience with business administration, including fulfilling key roles on BrightID core team.
@alimahdiyar - frontend developer
@beigiz - UI / UX designer
@sina - smart contracts

Funding amount and address

The team is requesting 5 ETH to be sent to @yazdaaniam 's address 0x2Fe95bA46D36e6Bbc8d3bbC6BF3F18c85C91f3aF .

A “yes” vote signifies the funds should be sent.


A couple of things:

  1. Incentives. I know this is designed to be fun, but you will encourage greater participation and discourage participation fatigue if there are some incentives involved.

One idea would be to gauge the community on their thoughts about using some funds from the DAO, perhaps a % of returns from each song a day auction and/or opensea earnings. The community could either use the eth directly, or use the eth to buy $song off the market and redistribute to participants.

  1. Building the TCR from scratch. Have you considered working with District0x? They’ve been doing TCR for years and have learned a lot of lessons the hard way, which may save us some hard learned lessons if we collaborate there. They also have some tools readily available and additional community to help bootstrap the song dust TCR.

  2. Manipulation. Any thoughts on how to prevent someone from manipulating the results in order to bring a song they own to the top in order to dump it on opensea, regardless of the actual quality of the song (sorry Jonathan!).

I brought up these thoughts and more here:

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If the only participants are people pumping songs they own, I think that’s a failure for SongDust. We’re hoping that people will use the prospect of earning fractions of $SONG as a motivation to do their own research and pick some good songs they don’t own. Some pumping of your own songs is fine (you probably like your songs if you bought them), but that can’t be the only activity. You should earn more $SONG by being right than promoting your own bag and juicing the prices on opensea–which probably won’t work anyway if people view SongDust as a failure.

Another interesting thing we’re testing is: will people pay attention to, understand, and resonate with the categories. If people just pump the same small set of songs in all categories, that’s also a failure. SongDust is about uncovering hidden gems.