SongADAO Member Meetup Planning

Hi everybody!

We’re going to plan a member meet up. We’ll hold it over video and try and pick a time that works for a wide selection of members.


I’m open 9am to 12pm UTC +8.

@Misterplus thanks! I was stashing this here in drafts because that’s what I wanted to ask!

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I can do most mornings EST!

@jonathanmann what’s your definition of “morning”? Up until 12noon EST?

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9-12Noon PST :star_struck: typing min so I can post ho hum

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I’m pretty flexible. Would typically say 8:30am - 4pm EST is ideal, but in light of any potential time zone conflicts pretty much 8:30am - 8:30pm EST is workable.

Right this moment i’m working remote so I also pretty flexible. I’m EST time as well … really anytime/ any day … as long I have a decent heads up I can make work.

10:30am - 12:00pm EST.
3-4pm EST

Weekends flexible

1:30-5:30 pm utc

weekends: 7:30 am utc to 1:30 or beyond in some cases

Yeah! That seems about right