The Song A Day Workflow - What can come off Jonathan's Plate?

The songs start with ideas (or sometimes they don’t, haha).

One task that would be helpful is collecting any and all ideas that people propose for songs in a big spreadsheet, including who suggested what and when. Often I’ll say “What should my song be about?” on Tiwtter. This is engagement farming, but often I’ll take some ideas from there. Would be nice to have them all in one place. ALSO: It’s important to note if an “influencer” made the suggestion, as then, if I do it, they’ll retweet it for more eyeballs.

There’s not a whole lot anyone can help me with on this front, at least not on a regular basis. I’d love to do collabs with members, but that is a lot of added work, and requires it’s own set of planning and logistics!

Putting the song with the video is pretty intimately tired together for me, so I think this is another one I’d have to do.

I’ve noticed that videos with subtitles do better on Twitter, so I’ve tried to make sure I do this. This is definitely something someone with some Premiere editing skills could take on.

Upload to youtube
I think there’s a way to give “team” access to youtube, so this could be offloaded, i think!

Entering Traits Into Spreadsheet
I have to do this one myself, as it’s a lot of judgment calls and ultimately I know what instruments, mood, location etc.

Creating metadata

Raid Guild created the Song A Day ToolKit to make metadata generation, minting and auctioning easy.
It begins with entering the traits from the spreadsheet here, and then it generates the image.

Someone else could totally be doing this, the only issue is that I am running this toolkit locally, so they’d have to have al little command line knowledge to get it up and running.

Upload to ipfs

Again, someone else who has the toolkit up and running could do this part. You upload the image, the video, put those hashes with the song number below, upload the attributes from the last step and then it all gets uploaded to IPFS and the metadata hash you get is what we mint on the next page.

Right now, I am minting through the Gnosis address, so technically anyone who is a signer of that should be able to do this part. It’s a little wonky and doesn’t work every time (sometimes you have to disconnect both gnosis and the toolkit, reconnect and then it works).

Starting the auction
Same thing, this is done with the gnosis wallet. Someone could totally do this, and it would be helpful to have someone do it esp if we have it set to end at a time when I’m asleep (China friendly ending).

Bonus: YouTube Thumbnail
Not to be confused with the illustration, I think if someone wanted to take on the task of making a good YouTube Thumbnail everyday, we could really up the views on the videos. There’s a whole art to the YT thumbnail thing, a lot of it having to do with click-baity type things. It’s never been something I’ve felt like spending time on, but if there’s somoone in the dao with the skills and desire, it could be really helpful.

@boris has a post up about possible ideas of how to take some of the pressure off me doing this. But I do have a pretty sizeable twitter follwing, so it does make senes for me to push it there as much as possible

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I think Trello with a public board would be good. @Red_Panda_Hop can you make a song suggestions board please for us to test?

Best place to set the system up would be at, with optional anonymous submissions (Twitter handles to sort by influence aka followers count).

We could set up collaboration requests on, just so they’re all in one place (with song ideas etc).

Hire an editor!

Potential Update to the toolkit
The toolkit could be updated with a couple of features:

  • Auto date & song number fetching
  • Auto ipfs hash fetching (not sure if this is already a thing)

Auction Timing
I could totally help!

Believe it or not, there are acutal thumbnail makers (living on making thumbnails).

Marketing should follow suite once everything else is setup.

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These are all great ideas! Any additions to the site would necessitate design and implementation, which is totally doable, but I rely on Raid Guild currently for that. Might be worth trying to hire a dev/designer to have on call for such things.

Hiring an editor is totally within the realm of possibility, same with finding thumbnail makers…who KNEW! I will look into this and we can see what folks think about hiring someone, or even better, bringing them into the dao??

With the toolkit, it’s the same as the web design - id have to add that to the TODOs of raidguild, which is possible.


Just went at looking through this again.

If my internet connection was better I could do subtitles and uploading - I already work in Premiere. Unfortunately I pretty much have to either upload videos overnight or drive up to the corner store to use their WiFi.
Down the road, once we get fiber, I could take this on.

Thumbnails: I’m pretty good at this already, and would enjoy an opportunity to get better. This could be that opportunity.

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Oh i love the idea of you doing thumbnails. i wonder what the workflow could be for this. I feel like you need my face somehow

Yeah we’d want to generate a little library of your face that I can use in each thumbnail. We can either take new pics or extract them from existing video/photography. I can then select them based on the mood of the song.

I could also start with some color swatches and fonts from the current SADAO logo and styling to keep it consistent, we can always change it from there if something else looks or works better.

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Sorry…late to the game, and just saw this as well. I used to be a big Trello user, but would suggest using Notion instead. It can do pretty much everything Trello does, but way more flexible, and can
probably use some of its other features for other requirements.

I created this in Trello a while ago, and imported into Notion to see how it compared. I especially like how each Trello card is a page in Notion, which gives much more flexibility as to what you can do.

Anyway…just my .00002 ETH

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