Tracking "credibility" as XP or some such

Had a great call with Matthew Chaim of SongCamp today. He had a great idea for his project about using something like Cordinape, SourceCred or similar to help track who’s contributing what.

Would love for someone with some technical knowhow to check out the different offerings and see what might work for us.

Now that we have Voters in place thanks to BrightID, the only other step would be for anyone that wants to become a “Builder” would need to give The Board their info. Once that’s in place, we can start paying people, and if we track contributions well, there’s even a path to distributing treasury money at

Here’s Coordinape: Coordinape

And sourcecred: 🤝 Help Us Help You | SourceCred

Apparently there’s something called “Praise bot” which is a way to distribute “praise” on discord, but I couldn’t find it!

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Didn’t know this kind of projects existed!

Actually I want to setup Orbit

It tracks community activity across many channels — Discord, Twitter, Discourse

I will get it setup. I think it can work initially for us for “Web2” activity to start.

SourceCred is a similar system but has somewhat complicated tokenomics around it.

I have heard good things about Coordinape but haven’t tried it myself. It will mean the DAO as a whole rewards each other. I think it can work alongside other things we do — like monthly social leaderboards.

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Oh damn, that sounds amazing. Yeah please give it a shot, i’ll look at it too.

SourceCred does look complicated !

Oh snap! it does YouTube too!! This could be huge.

If someone is a Builder, we can track every YouTube Comment, tweet and retweet, discord activity, and all that can add up to some % of the treasury surplus at the end of the year. The way I think about it is sort of like reaching certain “levels”, using the XP metaphor (or something musical? if we can think of it). So, like, you’ve retweeted 25 times, you reach a certain level, you retweet 100 times, etc.

Sounds like a good idea!

Ok Orbit is setup. Working with mods and J for more sources and setup, then will make public documentation around it: