Translate the SADworld app

The SADworld main app at is currently all in English only.

There is a lot of content there that would be a better fit for the #faq here.

The suggestion is to improve the app by translating the interface and major content into multiple languages.

We need to open source the app on GitHub and figure out what tools to use to easily allow for translation.

Initially suggested by @Misterplus who can help with Chinese translation.

I’ve done some localization for Minecraft mods a few years back, we used Weblate for it. It should be rather easy for use and setup, but it would require replacing the current English text with lang keys.
e.g: “Mint” (English plaintext) becomes “”, then we create multiple lang files:
something like this

This is one of the first things I want to vote on - it seems like there’s a lot of Chinese folks interested, would be great to encourage this.

We get A LOT of offers to localize content over at OdysseyDAO. I could try to recruit some folks. Is there something that the DAO would be prepared to offer? There are also translation tools to do the bulk of the work. But we’ll still need to check the content when it’s done. Are we planning on offering subdomains like en. or

This is a good question! @misterplus - does it still seem like there’s a lot of interest from folks speaking Mandarin?

Definitely not as much as we first started, but translating do take a long time, so starting early wouldn’t be too bad.