Voting Framework

So the difference between “Listeners” and “Voters” (and Builders) is supposed to be that L’s can only vote on NON-treasury matters, while V’s and B’s can vote on how to use the treasury.

So, for instance, I was thinking Snapshot votes for things like

  • here’s a list of song ideas, vote for which I do next
  • here’s a list of ideas for song 5000, which is the one we persue?
  • here’s a list of potential collaborators. Who should we pick?

Etc. While in contrast, the L’s and B’s would be able to vote on

  • Should we sweep the floor?
  • Should we give MisterPlus a grant to do the chinese translation?
  • Should we pay this animator to make a cool music video


Moved into its own thread. This is great @jonathanmann — a good set of requirements/ examples.

SnapShot usually requires some form of token for voting, which in theory is just right for L’s voting.
As for V’s and B’s, since brightID is involved, we’d have to find a framework that supports it.

Yeah, I have a call with Phillip (UBIPromoter on Discord) today, who works at BrightID. Going to try to get some suggestions from him!

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