Was the initial mint income sent to the DAO?

No, the initial mint went to @jonathanmann. He pre sold year 1 and 2 to raise funds to build the custom auction site app, contracts, and form the DAO, and then received the mint income for his back catalog.

All royalties and all songs from the daily auction from Jan 1st, 2022 onwards go to the DAO.

Here’s an overview of the complete flow of income ordered by time:

Time Income Source Usage
Mar-15-2021 Launch of SongADAO NFT collection (predecessor of SongADay, containing songs from year 1) Building sites & apps & contracts related to SongADAO
May-11-2021 Launch of SongADAO year 2 NFT collection Continue building SongADAO
Dec-31-2021 Initial minting of SongADay NFT collection Paid to SongADay artists & @jonathanmann himself
Jan-01-2022 Secondary sales & Daily Auction of SongADay SongADAO Treasury