What's the difference between Listeners & Voters and Builders?

Role Requirement Duty
Listener Holding at least 1 SongADay NFT Voting on non monetary proposals, suggestions, and features
Voter All of the above + Verified BrightID All of the above + Members of the Colorado Co-op + Voting on all SongADAO proposals, including treasury related items
Builder All of the above + Submitted KYC to the Colorado Co-op All of the above + Participatinig in SongADAO Patronage activity which result in a % of the treasury surplus at the end of the year

What are the patronage activities?

Ah yes this is confusing right now, we should edit this to link to / describe “patronage activities”.

@jonathanmann’s idea is to reward participation and promotion. Tweets, likes, YouTube shares, post a photo, reshare a song, get people signed up etc.

The official co-op can only pay people who are KYC’d members.

Hey Boris! How do get KYC’d?

We haven’t done that yet! There will be a process of submitting info to the Colorado co-op. We’re researching the best, most secure way to do that.