Why do I have no voting power on snapshot?

Because Song A DAO uses a one person one vote voting strategy, where one will only have one vote if they meet the following requirements:

You may also find yourself asking: Why do I need to “register” in a dapp? Can’t snapshot just use BrightID’s data? Here’s why:

  • BrightID stores data on BrightID’s own network nodes, they are not part of the Ethereum network.
  • Snapshot can only fetch data from a Ethereum-compatible network (Mainnet, Polygon, Testnets etc.)
  • Which means for Snapshot to recognize that your address is verified with BrightID, you need to submit a transaction on chain containing the BrightID data, that’s what “registering” means in this case.

But hold on, I still have no voting power, I’ve met the requirements!?

  • That’s because snapshot uses snapshots of blockchain to determine voting power. If you do not meet both requirements before a proposal is created, you won’t have voting power for that proposal. You will have voting power for proposals after that.
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