DAO Framework Options

This is a research page to help figure out which DAO framework is good for us to adopt. It’s a wiki — please feel free to edit and add your own research OR leave a comment.



We use BrightID to ensure that we have unique humans as voters. Each human gets one vote.

We need to figure out a DAO framework that supports BrightID or some other mechanism to make this BrightID verification connect into a DAO Framework.


We have SAD NFTs on mainnet Ethereum, but we may want to choose a low gas fee chain so that DAO voting and other operations are low cost and easy for anyone to participate.

TODO look up references for cross chain Gnosis SAFE management

DAO Frameworks

Hive / Gardens

Gardens is the framework that BrightID itself uses for their BrightDAO, as well as notable teams like Giveth.

Supported chains include Rinkeby, xDAI (now GnosisChain), and Polygon.

Front end Gardens

Docs Introduction - Gardens

TODO Do a test Garden setup @boris


DAO Haus



Action Items

TODO Talk to Kei about GnosisChain @boris @jonathanmann

Oh damn, ok I will DIG into this.

Was just looking at Nouns. They use a fork of compound governance. One thing to note is that they have it so that the number of Nouns you own= the number of votes you have.

Just got off the phone with the legendary Aaron Wright. He has a DAO framework coming up that looks really neat: Introducing the Tribute DAO Framework | by OpenLaw | Medium

Great. The more I look at this, I think a voting framework like Snapshot is where we should start, rather than a full DAO framework.

I’ll start another research wiki page on voting.

Yes! Totally. Only caveat being that I want the treasury voting to be on-chain somehow. Which chain? Right.

Can you explain what you mean by treasury voting?

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