Monthly Creator Onboarding Process

Looking at how we would onboard people based on a month of daily creativity, as specified in the contract. Here’s one possibility, in the form of an introduction to a signup form that I prepared in discussion with Jonathan. We are thinking about cohorts of 5-10, working during the same month.

Song-a-DAO’s Thing-a-Day Challenge is a path for creators to gain a voting stake in the Song-a-DAO co-op by completing a month of public daily creations, without ever having to mint or buy an NFT. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up on the form below
  2. Join the Song-a-DAO Discord - Song-a-DAO staff will add you to a cohort of creators who are creating during the same month, and add you to a private discussion channel on the Discord.
  3. Create something every day, and post it publically on the Internet! This can be literally anything - songs, drawings, dances, recipes, poems, photographs, woodwork, sandcastles. SADAO staff will offer optional suggestions, prompts, and collaborative ideas during the month to keep you moving!
  4. You will be given access to a spreadsheet to enter each day’s work in a central list (SADAO staff will confirm all entires). Be sure to support the other creators in your cohort!
  5. At some point during the month, we will have a check-in meeting with the cohort, Jonathan, and staff, to trade notes about your experience so far. This meeting will also be used for verification through BrightID to secure DAO voting rights later.
  6. Once the month of creating is completed and confirmed, you will create an ETH wallet (if you don’t already have one) and receive a Song-a-Day NFT from Song-a-DAO, which will give you voting rights in the DAO itself!
  7. After that, you will get a role associated with your cohort, and you’ll keep your private cohort Discord channel to stay in touch and share notes.

Welcome to Song-a-DAO!

A big question that has already come up is whether people who join as creators actually need to own an NFT. Currently the contract requires that, but it limits us in regard to how many people can join each year, and may leave people out who don’t want to own one but are interested in the collective ownership model.

Also the question of where the NFTs would come from - an existing stipulation that every new song has a 10% chance of being minted directly into the DAO’s treasury has netted 0 NFTs in a month of operation but I’ve suggested that it start at 0% and climb until one is minted that way, then revert to 0% for a day or two. I don’t know a lot about how minting and gas fees work though.

We also discussed the core intent of the “daily creation” idea, and how it might be affected by, for example, algorithmic artists. Jonathan and I feel that as long as human effort and attention go in every day to make something new, it’s good. So feeding an algorithm new data for a new result every day - good. Writing a new algorithm every day - good. Pressing “go” on an algorithm to generate something based on random data - cool, but not the point of this project.

We don’t want to get deep into the space of “judging” peoples creativity - really anything goes here - but defining the terms of what the project actually encompasses is important.

Ultimately we’ll have a chance to turn away or modify peoples plans for their creativity before they officially join the program - the same opportunity we have to turn down bigots.

I actually think this is an example of where we do it at the end! The DAO community should look at the set of people who are ready to be accepted as monthly creators, and vote on whether to accept their submission.

And, also, I think a good time to also choose to thank them / reward them perhaps even with some treasury as a celebration of what they’ve done and attention they’ve brought to SongADAO!

Having this clarity around algo making is really great BTW, and I agree.

I disagree with letting the DAO members vote on creator members applications - currently if you can afford an NFT and aren’t a bigot, you can join the DAO - there’s no vote or application process. Making creators go through an additional approval step after they’ve already “paid” their month of creative labor seems unfair. I’m not sure what DAO members would be voting on, other than the worthiness of that person’s creations, which really doesn’t fit the tone of the project IMO.

I could see your idea existing as an optional award that the DAO could grant by vote to, for example, one member of each cohort - this WOULD be based on merit, based on the judgement of current DAO members, but new membership wouldn’t be determined by it - it’s just a bonus for “we think your work is especially neat”.

Yeah my intent wasn’t gatekeeping. I was more thinking of scale where there’s more like a “challenge” on edge cases. I’ll dig up some writing on this, it’s probably more appropriate for “high stakes” things where work is not delivered on.

Making it “up only” — basically people voting their appreciation — is probably a better way to think about it.

I think it should be less a full DAO vote, and more like a small working group that verifies submissions. As long as the submissions conform to the guidelines, they are “approved”. Nothing “merit” based, just purely: Did they do a month? Did they post them publicly? Did they fill in their spreadsheet? If so, they’re in!

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That makes sense to me - sortof a committee - but rules based, just confirming the checklist for each person.


Boris had suggested that TAD contributors could mint their work either as a way to contribute to the DAO or to start spinoff DAOs - I feel strongly that we can’t have any requirement for first time TAD members to mint any of their work, BUT I think the possibility of having them to do additional months or even sustained daily creativity to create new spinoff DAOs in a sortof DAO ecosystem is a really cool possibility.

We also discussed in the meeting today that it could be a way to experiment (or have others experiment) with other DAO frameworks.