Agenda for First SongADAO Member Meetup

We will be holding our first SongADAO Member Meetup! Everyone is encouraged to attend at least one of the events.

We’ll cover the same material, it will be recorded and shared afterwards, and you won’t miss out on anything (other than FUN TIMES) if you can’t make it this time.

Ideally we’ll get into a regular schedule of member meetups, as well as project teams meeting. We’ll run this first one in Zoom, but future events might be fun to do in something like Gather


Event 1: should work for afternoon / evening North America, and morning Asia. Europe is sleeping!

Event 2: should work for morning North America, and evening Europe. Asia is sleeping!

Please RSVP on the event so we can get an idea of who is coming to each session.


Meet the Members

Intro by @jonathanmann & wishes for the road ahead.

Say hello and meet other members

DAO Voting

Talk about voting and verification process

@Misterplus @aLANparty

Operations, Responsibilities, and Hiring


We have some lovely volunteer mods and devs which is great as a start. And thank you everyone for your positive energy and participations.

We know we need to scale Jonathan with project and community management, and the co-op has certain responsibilities around legal (copyright assignment, finance, etc) and finance (accounting, budgeting).

High level budget plan review SongADAO Budget - Google Sheets

Jon’s Misc


Raid Guild’s proposal to build the PFP minting machine.

Using the fiat bank account to pay for Vercel and Infura.

High level look at how we might tackle patronage activity (Coordinape, SourceCred, Orbit, etc).

Meme contest? Collab ideas? Crypto Coven, Toadz and Sad Girls.

What to do with songs that get no outside bids.

SeedClub Accelerator


What does it mean???

Project Ideas

Some of the active ideas. Looking for leads and volunteers, and eventually project plans and treasury proposals.

Song 5000

  • the road to 5000! 9/9/2022

SADWorld App

  • maintenance and upgrades over time
  • new features
  • multi user create a day — enable others to do daily auctions on the site

SongADAO Monthly Creators

  • every month we can invite daily creators to get a free membership on SongADAO by completing a month of creation — and promoting SongADAO
  • this is one way for creatives to earn a spot — and to grow SongADAO by adding members faster than there are NFTs available!

@kineticturtle starting documenting some of this


Let’s make sure it’s in the agenda to try to set a recurring meet-and-greet schedule.

Once we have some community members in charge of that, I’ll show them how to use BrightID so new members have the option of getting verified at a BrightID party, or our recurring meet-and-greet party.

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Notes from first call

One per month? Two per month?


Round of intros


Jon’s Misc

Raid Guild

They built SADWorld app / auction site

Proposal for PFP Minting

  • as opposed to Nouns NFT is the membership
  • can’t have the NFTs be the membership token for the Colorado Co-Op
  • the PFP is going to be the token
  • Soulbound by Vitalik Soulbound
  • a site, with a button, a randomized PFP
  • hit the button as many times as you want
  • like the Shield project
  • you mint it – not transferred, can’t be moved, can’t be sold
  • put up for a vote, accept their proposal

Fiat bank account

  • see the bank account on a monthly basis
  • permission to let the fiat account pay for the website

Retroactive Pay

  • eg vote to thank people with payment


Patronage Activity

  • eg RT a song

Demo of Orbit

How to get more people involved?

  • Reach out to different projects. Collabs. Memes, etc.

Should there be a minimum bid?

  • maybe a minimum?
  • maybe keep it to give away


  • there should be a minimum price
  • OpenSea “floor”


  • agree with minimum bid
  • it costs $80 - $100 for gas already – don’t start from zero
  • love if we could change it so it doesn’t cost anything to bid


  • agree, to point out that Nouns project, keeps every noun with a 0 in it
  • if it doesn’t sell, then put it in the treasury
  • have an end of year release or do something else


  • tying it in with give aways to Thing a Day challenge TAD
  • need a source of songs for give away
  • monthly cohort of 5 – always need to be available

Code for random sending NFT to treasury for TAD – very random


  • we can give out PFPs for co-op membership, doesn’t need songs??
  • random songs means that we might have a viral hit

Seed Club

Got in!
Have to have a vote?
If anyone wants to come along and participate?
Access to their network
Biggest question mark – they take a 3% of a DAO?
Maybe Jonathan writes songs for the cohort – seed club batch

Collection in the treasury – that participants could
Looking to release – contribute NFTs to this secondary treasury

Boris: Gitcoin project for Brightid / IDChain for others to submit

Help people mint their TAD – maybe the whole 30 days

10 tokens for each episode
Sell in dutch auction – at most $200 / day
No problem to donate one of those each day to the DAO

Mark: Does the co-op have insurance on Jonathan?

  • no, but training an AI!


  • maybe sign a contract with Jens Lenkeman
  • why aren’t you getting paid???

J: eventually I’ll ask for money!

  • bootstrap the DAO
  • maybe ask for sooner

Adam: make a model for other artists


  • working board vs paid people helping J
  • SADWorld app to TAD users? Get funding for it?

J: demo of SADWorld app

  • open source it, Gitcoin project

Song 5000

Broad idea, we have as many as possible
Jens Lenkman!
Snoop Dogg!


@aLANparty says, try the registration app please!
Only works on desktop to completion because of special IDChain – but works GREAT on Rainbow etc with WalletConnect on mobile!
Have to do BrightID verification

TODO: @castall talk to Rainbow people about supporting IDChain??

Day 2 Notes

Round of Intros!

Philip: DAO vs Co-Op?

Co-op, SongADAO Co-op LCA

A DAO is a sound we make with our voice

Tribute DAO – aka Moloch v2.5

Co-op, Budget, Operations

Julian: co-op members yet?

Line is around BrightID – in the co-op
Can’t get paid unless you give us your real name and address

Multiple DAOs for special projects


Fiat bank account has about $3K

  • Bill for Pinata
  • website fees
  • etc

Flexibility around auctioning songs

  • gasless
  • dutch auction
  • switch from zora to something else
  • maybe Wyvern Protocol
  • Philip: a higher bid posted in the future


Forms, acceptance letter

Take 3% of DAOs token supply
Maybe 11 songs?

Philip: OR 150 from the back catalog

Join Jonathan in that SeedClub TODO create an active project in Discord

Thing A Day

@kineticturtle help support and spread the work!

We might be able to just give people a PFP and have them be a member

Philip: what if there are lots of creators who aren’t song holders?

A great discussion about DAO as platform

Different incentive structures

Things that song holders have access to

Demo of SADWorld App

Propose getting re-imbursed for gas cost

Gas costs - alphaskelly

Other methods to remove gas

Money doesn’t stay in the ecosystem if it gets burned

Boris: L2 + mainnet might be the best! Look at this as part of auction re-work

Alphaskelly: Project of punk songs? Make a post in #suggestions, get Bully Meow to help!

Misterplus Snapshot Voting

A few setup items, need to do custom DNS setup