The big introduce yourself thread

Hello everyone, thanks for joining the SongADAO forum!

Aside from filling out your profile and avatar, we encourage everyone to introduce themselves here.

Everyone has been doing a great job of this in the Discord chat, so please do the same here in slightly more shareable form.

Some suggestions of what to cover.

  • where you’re based in the world
  • about you
  • music, art or anything else you enjoy or create
  • something you’re excited about with SAD or want to work on or experiment with

Do you have ideas about the forum itself? #forum-feedback is the place for that.

Hello Song Dao friends! I love this project due to the work put into it. Lots of projects going around that are just forked from others and rebranded. This is unique and embodies how I envision blockchain being used to support artists. For a living I am a budget analyst for the federal government, no I am not “a fed”. My other responsibilities are my children and my wife. When not being responsible I am taking coding tutorials these days as I am absolutely in love with Ethereum. Hiking, photography and photo editing are also passions of mine (i’ll shill my photography NFTs to you all once I’ve built my minter). I’m located in sunny San Diego and look forward to working with you as we move song a day man and this dao forward. Cheers.


Good morning! I’m your friendly neighbourhood forum admin! I’m a friend of @jonathanmann’s (no relation!) who met him at FiresideConf in Canada many years ago & eventually sent him some ETH and CryptoKitties :wink:

I have a long history in open source, having built the first company around the Drupal CMS back in 2004 days — before AWS, YouTube, Facebook etc

I helped grow the early Ethereum Magicians forum and unconferences. I now run Fission, a startup building tools for developers to make it easier to build decentralized apps. We work a lot with IPFS.

I’m on the board of the Songadao co-op as Jon needed a +1.

I help run slightly too many communities and Discourse forums. If you’ve got experience with Discourse admin & lightweight server admin, I’m looking for someone to help share this responsibility for SAD. And! If you have features or plugins you’d like to see, hit up #forum-feedback

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. :canada: I like to cook and eat. You can see some adventures on my blog.


Welcome! Thanks for going first!

Got a link to your photos? Please share!

I’m planning a week long trip to San Diego second week of March with my team. Tips on group events or destinations?

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Boris, thank you for your interest. Wish I did. The website on my twitter will eventually one day have my photos. Twitter is my only social media account and I only got that to follow web3 devs and projects. Used to have a respectable instagram account but the algos were a huge turn off for me and the unbridled edge lording makes me vomit.

San Diego has a lot to offer. Mission Beach is a great place to take the fam. There’s a rollercoaster, arcades and other activities all right on the beach. The tide pools in La Jolla and the views from Mt. Soledad are not to be missed either. Our zoo is one of the best in the world, plan to spend the entire day there. For a next level cocktail and game food check out lions share downtown, it’s also right around the corner from KC BBQ, this is where the bar scene in Top Gun was filmed, could be cool for some photos.


Boris, I’ve been trying to find a community to assist. So far to date I am not technically literate enough yet for the other two projects I had my eye on (ENS and Gitcoin), believe I need to learn alot more before I can be of help to either of those projects. I’d be interested in helping with the discourse if you have time walk me through what that entails/expected of me. Believe I could provide up to 10 hours a week.


Woo! Welcome! Maybe someday you could even help us with your budgetary analyzing skills!! Really happy that you’ve joined us. Here we are as we find our sea legs and figure out what we are all doing!


Hey guys! I’m Misterplus, a fellow CS major college student from the eastern lands - China :cn: !
I don’t really have a job :joy: (College is pretty affordable here, so most of the students don’t have a part-time job), but I do spend a good amount of my free time browsing the web and learn about new techs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
However I am heavily invested in learning about web3, since I plan to work in the industry someday in the future! I’ve done some light web development in the past, so SongADAO may be the start of a career for me! :smiley:
I am also a heavy gamer in my free time. :smirk: Some of my works include a Minecraft modpack named Levitated, you can check it out if you’re interested in modded Minecraft!


Wen Songadao Minecraft concert?

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That’s a GREAT idea!! Not the most decentralized concert but the map building toolkits for Minecraft is way more advanced than any metaverse game, I’m sure I’ll bring this up again someday.


Hi there! i’m not sure i’m posting in the right place, but here goes:)

As my bio states I’m a husband, dad (two kiddos), Army vet, lover of music, and cannabis enthusiast.

I’ve played guitar for several years. I’ve recorded some (mostly covers of love songs for my wife) but i just enjoy playing.

I also love dance music. Was a bit of a techno nerd in the late 90s, early 00s. I’ve done some EDM production work, but again, i just like kicking around. I have music on about 90% of my waking hours.

I feel special just being a part of this project. I’m rather dumb most days about blockchain, crypto, etc. I would love to share more with friends and family but as soon as I try and describe what’s happening around me i can’t really find the words to help them understand. anyone else have that problem?

So i reckon i’m just happy to be here and excited to be along for the ride. I don’t have any rad ideas at this time for where to go with the DAO, but i’ll be happy to vote (when I’ve figured the dang BrightID thing out) on any measures.

Cheers y’all!



You are absolutely in the right place! Thanks for intro’ing yourself.

It would be great to have SongADAO be something fun and explainable for everyone. “I’m part of a co-op that helps people on the internet make and collect songs”. This would be a fun experiment to explain this simply to more people.

Love your image & handle. Welcome, Pies!


thanks Boris! and im not sure if you intended this, but i’m stealing that line:)

Hey everyone! I am Snehal, a CPA based out of Mumbai, India providing book keeping and audit services to various clients- social media agencies, textile manufacturing units, D2C brands. I have always had inclination towards technology/ Crypto /coding. I am currently learning Python. I love Scuba diving (Certified advance open water diver) and hiking. The concept of Song DAO is truly unique. We are living in the era of memes! Cheers


Found a couple of my favorites Boris.


DUDE! These photos POP!!! Thank you for sharing. Maybe we can do a collab with a slideshow of photos that @jonathanmann sings over and maybe sell some of them as photo NFTs as well??

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What’s up all.

I am a plant nut.

I’m also into clanking on a few musical instruments. ( really clanking )

I’ve been into NFT’s since early 2020 and into crypto since 2017.

You’ll see me around discord doing my best to answer questions and spread good vibes.

I really see a great opportunity to set a precedence in the music industry with what Jon has created. I am very glad to be apart of it and very glad to meet all of you.


BEAUTIFUL!!! I love these so much

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Hi friends! I’m Matt, or KT. I’m from California, but currently reside on then opposite side of the US, in Vermont.

I’m a songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist. I’ve known Jonathan for over a decade; I was in his band in California (along with my dad), and I was involved in Song-a-Day The Album, Jonathan’s 1000th song, and Love Is The Most Powerful Magic as an arranger and musician. I’ve been in a bunch of bands and released a bunch of my own music as Matthew Joseph Payne or The Mineral Kingdom, including a double album with my dad (SAD #772 is about this album). I successfully completed three months of song-a-day in 2019, and am currently participating in my fourth attempt at Weekly Beats.

Otherwise, I’m a dad, cargo biker, Nerf modded/YouTuber, and budding video maker.

I’m super excited to be involved in the creator onboarding program, tentatively called “Thing-a-Day” - I think it’s a really exciting part of SADAO!


I’m excited about Thing A Day (TAD)! Welcome!

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